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Number Junkies. Our heads are in the Cloud!

Ever asked yourself…

“Is my business accounting suitable for the Cloud?”

The “Cloud” means the business software you use on your desktop, in your office, can be (and is being) done on the Internet using applications for anything from accounting to organizing your day and more.

You can choose to have just your accounting in the Cloud or choose to start using online applications for all your business needs.

“What’s all the hype about anyway?”  Some of the applications available online are truly amazing and deserve the hype!  The applications best-suited for you can change how you do business.  Imagine being up to date on everything important…all the time…from anywhere you have a connection to the Internet!  Imagine having the answers when you want them and no longer waiting for someone “to get back to you”.

There can be a learning curve to convert from traditional processes to online because there are so many applications to choose from.  Choosing the right applications and setting a timeline to move is important to your successful transition.  Call us at 403.801.5705 to find out your options for moving online now.

Number Junkies focuses first on converting your accounting to an online solution.  If you’re just starting out, this can be done quickly and remotely.  If you have an existing business, we assess your situation and provide a solution based on 25+ years’ experience in business.  You can choose to implement our solution yourselves or, as most businesses do, get us to fast-track the project.

If you want to work with a digit-crazy, highly accurate, super efficient number nerd on your side then Contact Number Junkies!

number junkies
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